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BBC News - IPL cricket finds keen hosts in UAE - The seventh series of the Indian Premier League is under way. The high-profile cricket tournament is held over six weeks, played by eight teams from across the country and is characterised by its c...

STEM to STEAM Learning: Learning Science in the 21st Century - EdTechReview™ (ETR) -  This article is the first of the series of five articles on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to STEAM (‘Arts’ added to STEM) learning. STEM is everywhere and it shapes our e...

How Dubai's Education Model Can Be Used Around The World - Edudemic - I stumbled across this video about education in Dubai recently, and felt that it was worth sharing. The video was made for the government of Dubai in celebration of the 15th anniversary of their de...

Heartbleed inspires developers to make new version of OpenSSL | Technology

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Guardian Tech - OpenSSL, the security software which led to the Heartbleed flaw, has been forked – its code re-used to make a new piece of software – by developers angry at the lack of care given to the project. T...

Google introduces 'time machine' feature in Street View | Technology

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Guardian Tech - Google has turned its Google Maps Street View into a time machine to let users travel back in time and see how places have changed. The new feature will let users track changes in landscape, buildi...


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I would like to emphasize the compelling reasons for launching a new open-access e-paper in this ever expanding area of education, as well as our aspirations and vision for the future. I believe that it is important to have an e-paper which gives free access to global education news and its contents and promotes high-quality research and intellectual output of educators. We aim to bridge the gap so that educators get a wider audience for their ideas, innovations & achievements. I believe we will be publishing a significant number of high-quality news articles, information articles and reviews from educators around the world. The e-paper invites articles in the areas of innovation in teaching and learning methodologies, e-education, education technology and its impact in teaching learning process – a broad-based theme that should appeal to the largest possible audience interested in this subject. I look forward to a successful first year as Editor-in-Chief and welcome any comments or suggestions you may have that would improve the e-paper and our services.

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